Our Story

Designed with simplicity, crafted with passion. Our lifetime's work in a wetsuit.

Simpel is an independent wetsuit company that's emerged from a collective of like-minded surfers. We're dedicated to crafting wetsuits that prioritise warmth, comfort and durability.

Established 2023

We believe the best approach is Simpel.

We've witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of overly complex products during our years of collaborating with top brands. We believe, the best approach is Simpel.

Doing what's right has been instrumental in shaping our company's ethos. Our commitment to conscientious design, using the highest quality materials, and working with others to repurpose and recycle end of life products, ensures that our products can be enjoyed throughout their entire lifecycle, while treading lightly on the environment.

Sit back with the Simpel Crew

Simpel wetsuits in Antarctica with Joseph Harding

 We caught up with Joseph Harding to hear more about his recent trip to Antarctica. A trip he embarked on with a small group of individuals who made their way...

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Joseph Harding + Simpel.

Joseph Harding is a talented young surfer from Southwest England. He grew up in the UK but has spent a lot of time traveling searching for waves with and without his...

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Why did Simpel choose to partner with Yamamoto?

As a team we have spent our lives surfing predominantly in fridged climates and we therefore understand the importance of having a wetsuit that functions in a way that keeps you excited...

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