A distinct approach to neoprene

Yamamoto is a pioneer in neoprene, is celebrated for its consistent innovation and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Established in 1961 under the leadership of Yamamoto Akira, this Japanese company has made its mark in the wetsuit industry with its exceptional neoprene materials.

In the realm of rubber production, Yamamoto's distinctive approach acknowledges the potential variations in rubber quality arising from impurities in Natural Rubber (NR) latex and petroleum oil sources. The company maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency across its materials.

High-quality limestone

Limestone based neoprene

Yamamoto's commitment to responsible resource utilisation is evident in its preference for limestone-based neoprene. This choice is driven by considerations of resource longevity, given the anticipated depletion of petroleum oil reserves in the coming decades. Limestone is meticulously sourced from the renowned Mt. Kurohime, with Yamamoto's rigorous selection process focusing on the highest quality limestone with a calcium carbonate content of 99.7%.

High-performance Yamamoto neoprene

Exceptional flexibility, warmth and durability

Yamamoto's neoprene is synonymous with exceptional flexibility, warmth and durability. Its closed-cell structure offers superior heat retention and minimal water absorption, resulting in lightweight, quick-drying, long lasting wetsuits. Unlike traditional counterparts, the limestone-based neoprene contains fewer chemicals, enhancing its natural biodegradability and reducing its environmental impact.

The company's meticulous manufacturing process not only delivers high-performance materials but also adheres to environmentally responsible standards, distinguishing them from petroleum-based alternatives. Furthermore, Yamamoto Corporation demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship by harnessing renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, in their operations. This commitment aligns with their ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and minimise their ecological footprint.

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